Fire safety assistant / fire safety instruction:

A fire represents a hazard for every company and its employees. The economic risk must also not be disregarded. The operational fire protection is thus one of the important corporate objectives.

Regular instruction of all employees and written appointment of fire protection assistants, who must be specially instructed in accordance with ‘ASR 2.2 – Measures against fires’, are part of operational fire protection.

In addition to the basic principles of preventive fire protection, the instruction for fire protection assistants also includes knowledge of the company’s fire protection organization, the function and mode of operation of fire extinguishing equipment and hazards caused by fires, as well as behavior in the event of a fire. Practical exercises in the use of fire extinguishing equipment are also part of the training.


  • Organization of internal fire protection
  • correct behavior for fire fighting and prevention
  • Basic principles of evacuation
  • Basics of combustion
  • Dangers caused by fires in the company
  • DIN 14096: Fire protection regulations, parts A to C
  • Selection of the correct extinguishing agent and fire extinguishing equipment
  • practical training and fire extinguishing training on a real fire simulator
  • Correct extinguishing of burning persons

In doing so, we take an in-depth look at the extinguishing equipment actually available in your company and the probable fire hazards. In this way, we are able to deal with what your employees need to know in the event of an emergency in a targeted and practical manner within the shortest possible period of time.

Depending on the number of participants, the training has a scope of approx. 5 teaching units of 45 minutes each. The maximum number of participants for the training is 15 persons – in larger courses the learning effect (especially in the practical training) would be low.

If required, we can also hold two training courses directly one after the other and thus train up to 30 participants in one day.

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