Aviation area:

IMN-Aviation is your professional contact for all medical emergency seminars in the airline sector in Frankfurt and Munich. The creation of concepts on the subject of emergency medicine is also part of the offer of our institute. Our seminars are not only offered in the Frankfurt and Munich regions, but throughout Germany. The seminar locations can be chosen very flexibly.

Initial Flight and Cabin Crew

Through our basic courses, which are designed according to customer requirements, we optimally prepare your flying personnel for emergency situations in the air or on the ground. With an effective mix of practical and theoretical training, we meet all EASA requirements.

Recurrent Flight and Cabin Crew

Again, with an effective mix of practical and theoretical training, we meet all EASA requirements on an annual basis.

Refresher Flight and Cabin Crew

With our Refresher Training, for recurring personnel in the flying area, we offer courses that meet the current requirements of EASA.

Conversion Flight and Cabin Crew

Conversion courses are aimed at flying personnel who aspire to change aircraft type or work environment.

SCCM/Purser Course

Senior leaders have a special role to play as role models during an inflight medical incident. In our senior/purser courses, we aim to give them more confidence in their leadership position and explicitly prepare them for their new role, especially in hands-on training.

Online Training

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